‘SEAL Team’ Is Not Coming Back Anytime Soon

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Eventually, Season 6 of CBS’ SEAL Team will be a thing.

Just don’t ask anyone when.

Yes, the show is happening. But not in August and probably not in September, either. Truth is, the next season of SEAL Team and when it launches in one of broadcasting’s best-kept secrets. Or at least one of the best secrets of Paramount+, which carries the program.


Of course, there does appear to be one little glitch. The show is still filming. For some streaming services, that’s not an issue. They’ll run what is available. Now Paramount+.

“It can’t air and film at the same time,” noted Alexandria Ingham of Hidden Remote. “At least, not as a Paramount+ series. All episodes are going to get through filming before it comes back on air.”

So, when will see SEAL Team season 6? It depends. If filming wraps up next month, it very well could hit the airwaves (or whatever you call a streaming service) as soon as November. Bu it seems like arly 2023 is more realistic.

“This will avoid a problem with airing episodes during the Christmas/New Year season,” Ingham wrote.

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