Shocking Video Shows Firefighter Saving Suicidal Woman Standing on Window Ledge

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Brazilian firefighter has done more than just save a building from being engulfed in flames. He has also saved a life.

More specifically, the firefighter saved a suicidal woman, who had threatened to jump while sitting on the railing of her window. It happened nearly seven years ago, the video of the daring rescue is again going viral on social media.

The video shows that the woman was standing on the window ledge of her 10th-floor apartment. The firefighter was able to reach the top of the building. He then leaps toward her once she begins to dangle her legs and holds the side of the window.

Heroically, he swings down to where the woman was sitting and uses both legs to push her back inside.

Firefighter Saves Suicidal Woman Standing on Window Ledge

With the re-emergence in popularity of the video, people have wondered where both parties are today. Well, according to several outlets, the firefighter is still employed in the same line of work, and the woman is alive and healthy today. Thank god for that, firefighters defiantly don’t get enough credit. Honestly, this was a little harsh, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Props to this firefighter for thinking on his feet, and quick! It’s a scary moment, for sure.

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