A 92-year-old Iowa man who bought a fortune cookie at a casino last month that prophesied, “You will discover an unexpected treasure,” has done just that.

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Charles Svatos has been on this planet a lot longer than most of us, and he’s going to be set for the rest of his days. According to CBS2, Svatos won the second prize of the “Lucky for Life” lottery, meaning he was entitled to a cool $25,000 a year.

But Svatos has claimed his prize in the form of a lump sum of $390,000, which, after taxes, totaled $273,000. He said that he thinks the lucky fortune cookie may have predicted his late-in-life bankroll.

What is going to with all that money? KCCI reported that Svatos will be traveling to Switzerland and Hawaii. A second fortune cookie predicted he would take a trip.

The Courier reported that Svatos treated his daughter to a Cracker Barrel lunch after beating 1-in-1,813,028 odds.

?Nobody knows it yet. I don?t know what they?ll say. They?ll probably say, ‘I thought you were broke,'” Svatos said of his big win.

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He said that he’s been playing the lottery since 1985 and that $6 was his previous best win.

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