A CNN host took a potshot at how Donald Trump drinks water — “I hold it like a man”

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Videos by Rare

In one of the stranger news clips that we’ve seen this year, CNN hosts Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo took a few minutes to poke some fun at President Trump’s odd habit of drinking water while holding the cup with both hands.

The “New Day” hosts began their segment by pointing out, “President Trump’s water break is trending on Twitter.” During his national security speech on Monday, Trump reached for a glass of water and took a sip–using his unorthodox two-handed grip. And, of course, the internet’s comedians had some jokes.

But Cuomo’s segment took a wacky turn when he told Camerota, “That is the sippy cup grip … I don’t get all the hands thing and the glass.” He then produced an empty vase and held it up to his face, quipping, “This is what I drink out of, and I hold it like a man, with one hand.” Cuomo did go on to acknowledge that the so-called “America Thirst” conversation is pretty trivial, saying, “It’s certainly not one of our biggest concerns. If you want to hold a cup with all your hands, you know, that’s what you do.”

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The obsession with Trump’s water drinking habit is actually of his own making and stretches back a few years. In 2013, Marco Rubio delivered the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union, and in the middle of his remarks, he took a sip of water. Immediately, then-citizen Trump hopped on Twitter to throw a few jabs at the Florida senator.



In November, when Trump paused mid-speech for a drink of water, Rubio took advantage of the opportunity to return the barb, writing on Twitter that Trump “needs work on his form. Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera.”

Since anchoring “New Day,” Cuomo quickly became one of CNN’s hottest names, and he has quite the pedigree; his father Mario Cuomo was once governor of New York, the office his brother Andrew Cuomo currently holds. Cuomo’s fiery interviews with Trump associates, specifically Kellyanne Conway, have made him an important guy in the Trump era.

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