Former Fox News contributor comments on claims of sexual harassment on “The View” ABC/SCREENSHOT

A viral video cut together by “The Daily Show,” made its way to “The View,” on Friday, and the cast of the panel show was quick to comment. “The Daily Show” video cuts together moments of inappropriate behavior from male Fox News personalities, directed at their female colleagues.

This sparked the women to discuss Bill O’Reilly’s dismissal at Fox News, and recall their own history of sexism in the workplace. Co-host Jedidiah Bila used to appear regularly on Fox News and for a short while was a paid contributor. According to Bila, the clips may not tell the current story.

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“Some of those are really old clips, some of those people don’t even work for Fox News anymore, they’ve been gone for quite a while,” Bila told the panel. Bila believes that O’Reilly’s departure, and the departure of former Chairman Roger Ailes signal a new era at Fox News.

“When Ailes is under assault and then fired, when Bill O’Reilly is under assault and then fired…they are making changes, they are making statements of some kind,” she said.

Earlier in the program, women commented on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s instruction that women should leave jobs where they are sexually harassed. Palin appeared on CNN on Thursday and was asked about sexual harassment.

“I do think there is something to be said that…if you do wait…you do hold out…you are enabling that system to continue,” Bila commented.

“It went on for so long because it wasn’t until now that all those women banned together and said enough is enough.”

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