The woman who painted Donald Trump with a teeny weenie came face-to-face with a violent Trump supporter

Los Angeles-based artist Illma Gore made headlines earlier this year when she put her portrait that depicts Donald Trump with a micropenis on eBay.

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Buzz about the art landed Gore in London last month.

But things took a turn for the worse for Gore when she returned to the states. Gore told her Facebook followers that she was attacked by an apparent Trump supporter on the afternoon of Friday, April 29. The incident left her with a black eye.

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She wrote:

Today I was punched in the face by a man who got out of his car and yelled, “Trump 2016!” in Los Angeles, just days after I returned home from London and just down the road from my house. Though I encourage passion, opinion and emotion, especially though art, I think violence is disgusting.

Gore blames Facebook for revealing her address to the attacker. She wrote, “This type of violence makes creatives feel like we live in a world where our individual creative input isn’t safe.”

She called on people to stop “glamorizing and perpetuating violence” and to “make America decent again.”

Trump has often been criticized for what some have called a culture of violence surrounding his campaign events.

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The 24-year-old artist told The Guardian that she’s received thousands of death threats since her piece went viral in February.

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She told ATTN: that she took the artwork to Europe after receiving detailed threats of death and rape.

Gore said her attacker drove off with a “car of guys” and has not been caught, though she did file a police report.

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