WATCH: Sen. John Fetterman Says He Supports ‘Clean Drinking Work’ In Latest Flub (VIDEO)

Many Americans raised questions about the mental health and capacity of Democrat Senate Nominee John Fetterman during his 2022 campaign. Scrutiny became seemingly universal after Fetterman visibly struggled to form sentences.

Despite the fact that Fetterman was obviously unwell following his stroke, he was still elected to the U.S. Senate over Republican Nominee Mehmet Oz.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Fetterman is now a member of the Senate, and nothing has changed as he continues to struggle to speak clearly.

During a statement made this week on ‘Clean Drinking Water’, Fetterman claimed that all Americans should ensure everyone has ‘clean, safe, clean (pause) drinking work’. See a clip of that embarrassing moment below…

It is far from embarrassing that Fetterman obviously has serious mental issues following his severe stroke, only that he was elected to the U.S. Senate while clearly demonstrating the symptoms.

Much like Joe Biden in 2020, Fetterman clearly displayed cognitive issues. This did not matter to Democrat voters in the State of Pennsylvania.

Included in this post below is the debate between Mehmet Oz and Fetterman which gained an unbelievable amount of coverage nationwide.

It is obvious to anybody who watches the clip of Fetterman struggling to read words from a piece of paper that this man is clearly in over his head as a Senator.

How could he possibly comprehend the complex legislation that he was sworn-in to vote for? It appears that the Democrats are willing to sink as low as you can imagine… Just as long as they have a dedicated vote.

Fetterman represents nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Democrat Party in a Senate body that is highly contested.

Democrats like Joe Manchin have been able to sink countless Democrat objectives in the Senate by simply having common sense. Something that Fetterman is obviously lacking.

This man does not belong in the Senate, and the continuation of his exploitation by the Democrat Party is an embarrassment to America.

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