What Is Chloe Fineman’s Net Worth?

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Videos by Rare

Chloe Fineman won our hearts when she first made waves on SNL in 2019. She’s been called the “chameleon Saturday Night Live needs” by Harper’s BAZAAR and USA Today called her impersonations of fellow cast members “dazzling.” She has 638K followers on Instagram and her dog, Peach (who is a Shiba Inu with “a lil peen and a girls name #respect”) has nearly 10k, which is more than most of us will ever have in our lifetimes. We’re intrigued by the comedian and want to know more… like, for instance, what is Chloe Fineman’s net worth?

Chloe’s Early Life

According to Harper’s BAZAAR, Chloe Fineman was one of three “competitive, psychopath Jewish daughters” (lol) and grew up in Berkeley, California.

Fineman was born on July 20, 1988, which means her astrological sign is Cancer but on the cusp of Leo. We’re not astrologers, we’re just pointing this out for you…

She was first interested in improv as a toddler, when she ran onto stage during a scene with her dad, David, and then wouldn’t accept a cookie as a replacement for being carried offstage. After that, she became obsessed with SNL, especially Molly Shannon.

Fineman went on to graduate from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She then began taking improv classes at the Groundlings Theatre in LA, where another member, Jordan Firstman, cast her in a short film. She was 27 at the time.

Fineman went on to audition for SNL in 2017 and, after several rounds, was finally cast for the 2019 season. And that is how we came to know Chloe Fineman and all her outstanding impressions. Her IMDb allocates 26 credits, ranging from short films to TV shows to full length films. Notably, she’s a part of Francis Ford Coppola’s forthcoming film, Megalopolis, starring Shea LaBeouf.

Chloe Fineman on SNL

Chloe Fineman has been a favorite on Saturday Night Live since 2019. Her impressions have included Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Elmo, Drew Barrymore, Daphne Bridgerton, Britney Spears, Lauren Boebert, Tiffany Trump, Elizabeth Olsen, every single fellow female cast member of SNL, and so many more. She once told Allure that she wears half a dozen wigs on a “good week” on the show.

What’s more, there’s something endearing about Fineman’s impersonations.

While some of the people she’s impersonated haven’t joined in the laughs, others, such as Drew Barrymore, have made a point to applaud the comedian for her improv skills…

Fineman was nominated twice in 2021. One nomination was a Gold Derby TV Award for Best Breakthrough Performer of the Year and the other was for the London Fashion Film Festival.

What Is Chloe Fineman’s Net Worth?

There are different claims online as to what Chloe Fineman’s net worth is. They range from $300,000 to $1.5 million. It’s difficult to really gauge, but Cosmopolitan breaks down the SNL cast member salaries pretty neatly.

First-year SNL cast members receive $7,000 per episode. For each year thereafter, they get a $1,000 per episode pay raise. However, at the 5-year mark, they start making $15,000 per episode. Certain mega-stars make a very special rate of $25,000 per episode.

At 21 episodes per year, that would put Chloe Fineman around a salary of $210,000 per year for 2022, which would be her fourth season. Next year, she will presumably make $315,000 — unless she gets that ultra-special rate of 25k per episode, which would be a whopping $525,000 per year.

But don’t forget, there are taxes and living expenses. So the reality is, despite Chloe Fineman’s rising success and how much we love her (and Peach), she’s not really Miss Moneybags — yet.

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