A group is deemed “idiots of the century” after swimming into a crocodile trap


A group’s decision to swim into a crocodile trap earned harsh criticism from many, even the town’s mayor.

A picture was posted of a group of men after they made the very dangerous decision to swim around and climb into a baited crocodile trap in Queensland, Australia, reports The Guardian. The trap was located in Port Douglas Marina, close to the scene of a fatal crocodile attack that occurred only a week before.

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“I was absolutely gobsmacked, this is incredibly stupid and dangerous behaviour. I’m wondering if these fellows are vying for the idiots of the year award or the idiots of the century award,” said Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu.

She wasn’t the only one who was stunned.

Steven Miles, Queensland’s environment minister, tweeted, “Srsly? The meat we put in these traps is bait. For crocodiles. Don’t swim in them! It’s stupid and illegal.” He later said, “I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous things in my time as environment minister, particularly when it comes to crocodiles, but this one takes the cake.”

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