A man threatened to call the cops when he saw a little girl with an unlicensed lemonade stand

Facebook/Frank Somerville KTVU

A little girl in the San Francisco area was inspired to open up her own small business.

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She was all good to go when her parents told her that she was allowed to sell lemonade and cookies at a public area for an hour in Discovery Bay, but she quickly ran into some trouble when a stranger asked where her license was, reports SF Gate.

“The man just pulled up next to her and asked for her business license and then told her, ‘I’m calling the police,’ and then got on the phone and began speaking as if he was talking to police,” recalled her father, Richard LaRoche.

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LaRoche said that his daughter cried when she got home out of fear that she was going to jail. He comforted her by telling her that many others in the community were in full support of her business.

Her parents encouraged her to reopen her lemonade stand, this time in front of their house. LaRoche reported that “she was busy the whole three hours.”

The little girl ran out of cookies and had just enough lemonade for two officers who stopped by to support her stand.

KTVU journalist Frank Somerville shared the story on his Facebook page:

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