An Indiana man was so displeased with his court sentence that he started throwing chairs at the judge

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Jordan Rhoades, a 20-year-old Indiana man, was less than pleased when a judge sentenced him to one year in prison on Friday.

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Reportedly, Rhoades showed up over an hour late to his hearing for violating probation and began shouting after receiving his decision. Video footage shows Rhoades forcefully throwing chairs across the courtroom at the judge, even hitting prosecutor Jeremy Fisk with a chair in the process. He allegedly threw at least four chairs, and he and the staff were the only people present in the room at the time of the incident.

In addition, he yelled “vulgarities,” causing the judge to add a 60-day jail sentence for contempt of court. She added another 30 days each time be used profanity. After he finished throwing his fit, Rhoades attempted to leave the courthouse, but was stopped.

“I honestly don’t even remember what I was thinking. It was not something I had ever experienced before,” Fisk told Fox 59. “[I was] just really surprised. It’s something no one has ever seen before especially since he was the one that requested to go to jail. Nobody was expecting it to escalate to that.”

According to the judge, outbursts have happened in the past, requiring staff to hide behind the bench and hit an emergency alarm.

Rhoades is has now been charged with battery and attempted battery of a public official.

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