Julio Iglesias says calling this candidate a “clown” made him feel funny

According to The Hill, Julio Iglesias has issued an apology to clowns.

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The famed singer and father to pop singer, Enrique Iglesias, used the sprightly profession to describe Donald Trump.

The Hill reported on an interview the singer had with La Vanguardia newspaper.

When asked what the Spanish-born singer thought of Donald Trump, he said (translated):

I have sung many times in their casinos, but I will not do it. It seems to me an asshole. He thinks he can fix the world forgetting what immigrants have done for your country. He’s a clown! (And sorry for the clowns).

So far, the rise in Trump-bashing piñata sales, this satirical sketch from George Lopez, and the emergence of this bad guy trope in wrestling have done a good job convincing us that many Hispanics are not fans of Donald Trump after his incendiary remarks about Mexican immigrants in June.

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