Henry Winkler Slams Herschel Walker Over Celebrity Criticism

Throughout his race for the Georgia Senate, former football star Herschel Walker has said, pretty much, whatever comes into his mind — and Henry Winkler is not having it.

Last week, during a podcast interview with Ben Carson, Walker was questioned about what he thinks is the “biggest problem” in our country today. And his answer was not about gun control, or racism, or the pandemic… It was about celebrities. His actual words:

“I think some of the biggest problems going on in our country today, we have so many celebrities telling people that they can’t do it — telling a lot of people, ‘Oh, well, you got to feel bad for yourself, feel sorry for yourself.’ Which is sad to me. They’ve done it, but they’re telling you you can’t do it. And it’s like, you did it, why they can’t do it? I think they tell all the kids they can’t do it, making our kids feel sorry for themselves.”

As one Twitter use (succinctly) put it: “The first sentence is longer than any run he’s had on a football field.”

Of course, Walker himself is a celebrity. So it’s no surprise that a fellow famous person might want to point that out. Enter, current Barry star Henry Winkler, a.k.a. the Fonz.

The Fonz Responds

Henry Winkler took to both Twitter and CNN to share his opinions on Herschel Walker’s comments. Speaking on the network on Saturday, Winkler said that it’s bothered him for some time that so many people act like celebrities should not speak openly. “It’s so weird that so many people use that kind of tactic, of saying ‘Oh, you’re on television, you shouldn’t say what you think,'” he said. “Thats the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!”

But seeing Walker’s comments, he said, felt like the last straw. Considering that Walker, after his long NFL career, is indeed a celebrity, Winkler wondered why he shouldn’t also get to share his own point of view. Winkler also went on to bring up the most recent Walker controversy: “He talks about being an absentee father, but he has a couple of children he hasn’t even seen!”

Absentee Father Allegations

In multiple instances, Herschel Walker has condemned absentee fathers. And in a 2020 interview, he directly linked the issue to the “African-American community” — a clip that’s now gone viral as it’s come out that Walker has three additional kids of his own.

On June 14, the Daily Beast broke the news that he has one previously undisclosed 10-year-old son. And since then, more kids have come out of the woodwork: a 13-year-old son and an adult daughter. Publicly, Walker has only appeared to raise his son Christian Walker. The younger Walker, a famously queer Trump supporter, has also railed against deadbeat dads multiple in online rants.

Hershel Walker’s Other Controversies

Since Herschel Walker announced his Republican run for Georgia’s senate seat, challenging incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock, his statements have been under further scrutiny. And according to reports, the former athlete has made a number of fake claims regarding his profession, education, and personal life.

First came revelations over Renaissance Man Food Services, the largest venture of H. Walker Enterprises. Over the years, Walker has gone on the record boasting the size and success of the company; in 2009, on TV, he called it “a mini-Tyson Foods.” He also repeatedly claimed that it earned $70 million annually. But, it turns out, the company averaged roughly $1.5 million annually and Walker himself was hardly involved; he’d simply licensed his name to the product.

Apparently, the food company also received two PPP loans throughout the pandemic, totaling a benefit of $180,000 — $111,300 of which was fully forgiven. Walker would go on to mock PPP loans during his senate run.

Walker also said that he founded and owned a large drapery business, Renaissance Manufacturing, which also turned out to be greatly exaggerated.

Walker’s campaign website also stated that Walker was a graduate of the University of Georgia — he is not. Prior to that, Walker claimed in speeches that he was in the top percent of his class at the school.

Similarly, Walker’s claims that he worked in law enforcement remain unverifiable.

What do you think?


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    • He’s a typical lying republican.
      Celebrities are Americans first and I think it is marvelous that they speak out so fiercely about the nightmare that is going on today.

      • Biden also lied about his college experience. He said he had several degrees and graduated top of his class….the university says he was at the bottom and only had one degree. Biden plagiarized speeches….verified. Said he was unaware of his son’s businesses, photos and testimony say otherwise. Jill was still married when he started an affair with her according to her X. Scum is scum on both sides of the isle.

      • @Sorrentino Rene, none of what you said is true, and everything is steeped in Trump/Fox News conspiracy theory. Biden never started and insurrection, cheated on taxes, cheated on the elections, moneylaundered, raped teenagers, bankrupted 6 times, killed over a million people from a botched pandemic response, etc. But your cult god Trump did all that sh*t and more.

      • You’re ridiculous. Celebrities that hold a severed head of a sitting president are Americans first? Celebrities that wish rape of a sitting first Lady or harm to their children are Americans first? Celebrities that condone violence on conservatives or law enforcement but are enraged if criminal blacks are held accountable for anything, better yet, build a statue in their honor are Americans first? Total joke

      • Um Biden also lied about his college and how he ranked… Sooooo let’s just say THEY ARE LYING POLITICIANS…

  1. Any famous person has a right to voice their opinion. The problem is that the everyday person working everyday for a living doesnt have a platform to make their opinion heard as do famous people. Thats where the rub is. Making it one sided and people that are in awe of famous people buy into their opinion instead of researching point of views.

  2. Not to mention Biden was taking showers with his daughter and caused her to have a sexual addiction. She had to be 11 or 12 when this was happening. She has drug addictions.,sexual addictions and has been in and out of rehab all the time. Accidentally left her diary behind. What kind of mother was Jill Biden to turn a blind eye to Joes pedophilia of his daughter

    • Guessing you are stating facts, right? You know factual information, not stuff spouted by FoX News or Dimwit Donnie Trump, right? Facts, verifiable facts. Right?

    • Where do you get this stuff? Omg. Ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous. Joe was thoroughly vetted when he was being considered for position of VP. I can guarantee you that if this was even remotely possible he would not have worked with Pres. Obama. Not a chance. Not even remotely. Stop with the false statements aka lies.

    • What kind of fool are you to believe that? Did your friends at FOX tell you that bull 💩? Absolutely none of what you say is true. None of it.

  3. Joe Biden met Jill Biden after his first wife was killed in a car accident. Jill was not married at the time. Joe graduated 506 out of a class of 688 in his class at the University of Delaware, a fact he has never denied. He was an underperforming law school student, but did graduate.

  4. Wow the defense of Biden is hilarious. Biden left the presidential race against I think Clinton when caught plagiarizing a speech by an English dude. That is older than FOX and reported by NYT at the time. The idea that he was vetted for VP does not mean the facts are not true. It only means no one cared about his false claims of college glory. You folks are amazing. Biden was one of the worst racists in the 80’s. Against busing, talked about racial jungles. Go to YouTube the videos are there. You can hear Joe in his own words.

  5. Walker gets no respect from me, seems he’s the one telling others how to live their lives.Seems “do as I say and not as I do” is a serious infliction of the right and Walker has a bad case of it.

  6. Biden, the puppet man. Who has the strings this week? He does what he is told to do (if he can remember). He should be in a home along with Miss Giggles, Kamala, who cannot open her mouth unless it is to giggle. What a pair you democrats have chosen to be leaders. They couldn’t lead a blind horse to water. How pitiful our country looks to have them in office along with Pelosi and a few others. I am ashamed of the underhanded and lying that has gone on since they have been in office. God help us if we don’t vote them out before it is to late. Glad that all you democratic voters are satisfied with the prices of gas and the few groceries left on the shelves. You are as pitiful as they are the difference is that they are taking you for everything, every cent you have and then some.

  7. Somewhere out there is a 2 year old that her father is a crackhead her mother is a stripper and her grandpa is POTUS.

  8. Liberal hollier than thou HOLLYWOOD IS ANTI-AMERICAN and a bunch of ungrateful 🦬💩 bastards who think they make a difference….Jokes on them.

  9. If anyone would vote for Walker over Warnock they are already too damaged to understand reason or common sense!

  10. Unfortunately ,Another piece if Shit Republican ,who loves to hear himself talk ,but his ignorance is just the same as most Republicans, even Republican supporters, it’s Shameless 🤷‍♂️

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