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Federal law enforcement officials made a major break in a local heroin, fentanyl and cocaine ring this weekend, arresting more than a dozen Chicago and west suburban residents after a two-year investigation operation.

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According to Patch, more than 52 kilograms of cocaine, 13 kilograms of fentanyl, 45 kilograms of heroin and a pound of methamphetamines was seized by the FBI during the raid.

Busting the ring was the result of an extensive undercover operation led by the DEA and the FBI, allowing them to charge 13 parties in connection with the ring.

Investigators believe Aurelio Abrego, 45, worked with Jose Miguel Perez, 54, both of Chicago, to acquire and distribute cocaine and heroin.

Distributors who provided the drugs were identified as Javier Moreno, 49, Richard Alvarado, 28, and Pedro Saavedra-Fitz, 36, all of Chicago, as well.

During the investigation, police allegedly witnessed several exchanges of drugs for their street market value – upward of $50,000 per kilogram in some cases.

Police arrested and charged Abrego, Perez, Alvarado, Gomez and Llanos with drug distribution Wednesday, but three suspects are still at large.

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Several residents of the west suburbs were also charged in connection with the group and, as police continue to crack down on the ring, several of those charged are already awaiting trial.

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