According to people on set, Shia LaBeouf seemed totally fine before his recent arrest.

TMZ reports that some of the employees on the set of “The Peanut Butter Falcon” said LaBeouf showed no signs of being intoxicated or hungover while he was shooting for weeks at a time. Some of the cast and crew were reportedly “nervous” about his behavior leading up to the first shoot, but the actor kept things “incredibly professional” and was “well-prepared” on the Savannah, Ga., set.

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Sources said that the only time anyone heard there was a problem was after the first story of LaBeouf’s arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct was posted.

LaBeouf later returned to set following the arrest and said it was “no big deal,” so it was assumed it would be taken care of in court. Later, body cam footage of LaBeouf’s violent and racist drunken rant made headlines. LaBeouf has since issued an apology for his behavior and said he is “actively taking steps” to deal with his addiction.

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