The girl made famous by uttering the phrase “cash me ousside, how bou dat?” on “Dr. Phil” was removed from a flight on Monday after allegedly punching another female passenger.

TMZ has obtained footage of the incident, and clearly, things got out of hand pretty quickly. The tabloid reports that Danielle Bregoli and her mother were boarding a flight at Los Angeles International Airport when the incident happened. Bregoli’s mother, who reportedly wore a cast on her foot, was struggling to get her bag into the overhead bin when the other passenger began to get angry.

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The unnamed woman reportedly put her hands on Bregoli’s mother’s throat when Bregoli jumped in to defend her mother. She reportedly punched the woman, and things quickly got ugly, as seen in the footage.

The woman can be seen spitting on Bregoli, yelling that she is a “cop’s wife,” and calling Bregoli a “pussy ass.”

Before the punches were thrown, the woman can be heard in the background of a video taunting Bregoli and yelling “cash me ousside, how bou dat?” before Bregoli gets up to confront her.

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The video cuts off as the woman lunges at the teen.

All three women were removed from the flight and banned from Spirit Airlines.

Later, Bregoli recreated the incident in her own words, using a pillow as the woman. Don’t worry — she went into explicit detail with that one.

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