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It seems that Netflix and its users can’t get enough Adam Sandler. Not only has the streaming service signed up the polarizing filmmaker for another four-movie deal, but they recently announced that Sandler’s movies are doing very well indeed. His films have been streamed for hundreds of millions of hours.

While their current library also features some of Sandler’s older films like “Anger Management” and “The Waterboy,” his Netflix-originals, such as the newly-released “Sandy Wexler,” were heavily promoted on the service’s splash page, so their success might not be as surprising as it seems.

Netflix and Sandler’s relationship began in 2014, when Sandler’s Happy Madison production company agreed to make four films that would launch exclusively on Netflix. The streaming service has released two of those films so far: western comedy “The Ridiculous 6” (2015) and action-adventure “The Do-Over” (2016).

Since the release of “The Ridiculous 6,” Netflix subscribers have spent almost half a billion hours collectively watching Adam Sandler movies. This information — which was shared by Netflix boss Ted Sarandos in a new Q1 earnings interview — explains why Sandler’s four film deal with the streaming giants was extended.

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