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Photos can capture unbelievable moments.

The Gardner Police Department uploaded strange photos to their Facebook page on Monday. The police department was reportedly called about a mountain lion possibly in the near Celebration Park in Gardner, Kansas. Authorities set up two trail cameras in hopes of sighting the suspected animal.

However, cameras didn’t capture a mountain lion in the area but captured so much more.

A random coyote:

An odd person with a walker and a strange object in their hand:

A skunk:

A weird guy in a gas mask:

A raccoon:

Assorted other freaky images:

And the strangest thing of all:

Gardner Police Department wrote on Facebook that the images caused a “different concern” but were mildly amused at the photos:

We would like to sincerely thank the persons responsible as it made our day when we pulled up what we expected to be hundreds of pictures of coyotes, foxes and raccoons. Thank you to the citizens who noticed the cameras. Your effort and sense of humor are greatly appreciated.

You can’t help but wonder why people do the things they do!

(h/t BuzzFeed)

Melissa Gotleib is a content editor at Rare.
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