Some Florida fishermen out on a boat near Boca Grande were having a helluva time reeling in a large Atlantic tarpon — they spent 45 minutes — only to see three bull sharks swarm the fish and destroy it in seconds.

YouTube/Clay Curtis

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Video uploaded to YouTube by Clay Curtis shows Justin Knowles, Ray Curtis and Russell Poppell watching helplessly as the sharks take hold of the situation.

YouTube/Clay Curtis

That’s Ray Curtis with the fishing rod, according to Clay.

“My brother was tarpon fishing and three bull sharks destroyed the tarpon,” he wrote on YouTube.

The tarpon, though they can grow to be quite large, never stood a chance against these predators.

According to the fish info website Fish Base, Atlantic tarpon have been known to grow up to 8 feet long and 350 pounds, but these fish are more commonly around 4 feet long.

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YouTube/Clay Curtis

There was blood in the water.

In our opinion, that’s some bull… shark — both for the fish and for the fisherman.

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