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Some fools with a hankering for some good ole road rage action in the middle of a Glendale, Ariz., street were caught on camera getting down to serious business.

YouTube/ZAN zone

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What started as a shouting match in the middle of the street quickly devolved into fisticuffs involving all five men.

YouTube/ZAN zone

Although many of the punches missed the mark, a few big shots landed in the melee. At one point, a man in a black tank top grabbed a blunt object from the trunk of his car and threatened to hit his newfound enemies.

YouTube/ZAN zone

The Daily Mail reported that the weapon of choice was a crowbar.

After that the two parties went their separate ways.

YouTube/ZAN zone

The first to leave the scene was the car. The crowbar guy, who was the driver, menacingly cut off the SUV before taking a left turn out of there.

YouTube/ZAN zone

Then the SUV left the scene, and traffic started flowing again.

The video was originally uploaded to LiveLeak.

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Although the identities of those involved are unknown, we have to believe that, in light of this video surfacing on the internet, local authorities are digging into this one.

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