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Queen Elizabeth II is showing that age is just a number after being spotted riding her horse around the grounds of Windsor Castle just one month before her 91st birthday.

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The monarch was seen enjoying a ride on one of her favorite ponies, Carltonlima Emma, on Monday, even forgoing a helmet for a headscarf. She looked as comfortable as ever in the saddle and is said to have always declined wearing a “hard hat,” opting instead for a scarf to ensure that her hair is not disheveled.

The Queen had a brief run-in with sickness this past winter, coming down with a terrible cold that prevented her from attending Christmas and New Year’s church services. However, she appears to have recovered and is back to making public appearances.

When it comes to horseback riding, Queen Elizabeth II began her lifelong passion in early childhood, reportedly taking her first lesson when she was just 3 years old. She has said the pastime allows her escape the spotlight and to be “just another human being.”

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