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Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t keep her feelings in when she and her “The View” co-hosts talked about how Kim Kardashian West is handling her post-robbery life.

After sharing a clip of the upcoming season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Joy Behar let them have it.

“Is there nothing that they do in private these people?” she said. “Every single thing has to be on television?”

“The robbery was in private,” Goldberg fired back.

Sarah Haines believed that those who think that Kardashian West is faking it should probably apologize. Sunny Hostin nodded in agreement.

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“As a lawyer, I don’t think that she should have done this […] spoken about this robbery on television, because it is an active investigation,” Hostin chimed in. “I don’t know who is advising her, but it could compromise the investigation.”

“What I would like to see is her arguing with Kanye about you-know-who [Donald Trump],” Behar added. “Because Kanye said he would have voted for him.”

“I would like her to say to him, ‘Listen, don’t you ever think that saying you didn’t vote was a good idea,'” Goldberg yelled. “I don’t care who you would have voted for. Don’t you dare! Because people died for your right to vote. You idiot boy! You foolish boy! Idiot boy! Don’t you ever say that again!”

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