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It seems like Dr. Phil McGraw is suspicious of Burke Ramsey.

Burke Ramsey, the older brother of murdered child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey, is set to sit down with Dr. Phil in a three-part interview that rolls out on Sept. 12.

The unsolved murder of JonBenét Ramsey has gripped the nation for the last twenty years, and her older brother is one of the few people who has never been interviewed in the 20 years since her death.

Ahead of the interview, Dr. Phil sat down with Savannah Guthrie to talk about Burke’s behavior and some of the key details he reveals about the case.

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Guthrie pointed out that in many points during the interview, Burke is smiling and speaking very casually about parts of his sister’s murder.

“There will be dark content, and he is smiling, and people are going to see this throughout the entire interview, really unusual affect, either smiling or laughing. This is a very socially awkward young man,” Dr. Phil explained. “But understand, from the time that this happened, his parents, depending on your interpretation, either protected him or hid him, based on how you want to interpret that. He has not had the social contact most kids have growing up.”

Burke, now 29, works as a computer analyst and even now has little social interaction, as he works remotely from his home.

Because it is the 20th anniversary of the murder, Burke felt it necessary to come out and talk about his experience on his terms. “He knew the anonymity was gone. He said he wanted to control the narrative. If his story was going to be told, he wanted to tell it,” Dr. Phil said.

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Dr. Phil also teased to details that Burke Ramsey will reveal during the interview.

“This is the missing link. For twenty years, this thing has been grinding, but the missing link is Burke. No one has ever spoken to him,” Dr. Phil revealed. He also said that he will show three tapes, two of which are interrogations, and he will watch them as they are played.

“He is going to make a shocking admission about this mystery footprint that people speculate about so much. He’s going to talk about the history of violence, of hitting his sister in the head earlier with a golf club. He’s going to talk very specifically about that. And he’s going to talk and give a very specific answer about the pineapple that supposedly was found on a table in the house that was not there when everyone went to bed. And pineapple was found during the autopsy, in her stomach. He’s going to talk very specifically about how that pineapple came to be in his little sister’s stomach the night that she was found dead.”

The full interview with Burke Ramsey will air on “The Dr. Phil Show” on Sept. 12, 13 and 19.

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