20 things we can already hear our parents saying when they visit Chicago for the holidays

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

No matter where you grew up, if Chicago is your home now you know how big of a pain it may be to host the holidays at your place this year. If your parents are from out of town, be prepared to be their personal tour slave, I mean guide.

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Besides the obvious attractions they will definitely make you take them to, here are the top 20 things you can count on hearing more than once a day.

“You commute to work, via the train? Every day?”

“That’s way too much for a doughnut.”

“Why is brunch a different menu than breakfast?”

“You need to wait for the signal before crossing the street! Do you want to get run over?!”

“We can’t walk that far.”

“I didn’t know the blocks would be this long.”

“Is that burger worth the line?”

“Let me get this straight, you put the cheese with the caramel together?”

“Can I use my credit card for the bus?”

“Is it safe to just get in the back of a stranger’s car like that?”

“Where’s the loop train thing?”

“Can we go see that big silver ball thing?”

“Buddy from my college days insists we visit the Navy Pier.”

“I read online Illuminati has the best deep dish pizza”

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“The train operates past 9 pm? That can’t be safe.”

“All these people wearing Cubs gear… Was there a game today?”

“What is an IPA? Can you just order for me? I don’t understand what any of these beer types mean.”

“Which way to the Bean?”

“You should always carry hand sanitizer.”

“Why does it smell like garbage?”

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