Amtrak conductor recovering from gunshot wounds: “We need better gun laws.”

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Videos by Rare

As the year wraps up, bills that the current administration has put in place will begin affection every American in the U.S. However, one seems to be missing- what are we doing about gun control?

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For one, Michael Case, an Amtrak conductor from Homewood, he says the time for gun control laws is now. Michael Case has testified after a May 16 shooting at the Naperville train station. It left him with what his wife, Sara, calls, “devastating injuries.”

Speaking to the Naperville Sun, Case recently said that although he doesn’t want to infringe on Second Amendment rights, there has to be more that can be done to prevent mentally unstable individuals from obtaining guns.

The shooter, Edward Klein, an 80-year-old man from Wisconsin, was an Amtrak passanger when he shot Case in the stomach. Klein was ruled unfit to stand trial, and he’s been in custody ever since.

Case recently told a DuPage County judge was was “in shock” when it happened. Speaking again to the Naperville Sun later that week, Case said he wants to put it behind him, and that although he was nervous the night before the testimony, he had “no problem facing Mr. Klein” on Dec. 18.

“The point is this bullet has hit a lot of people besides me,” he said. “It’s just a senseless act of violence. Hopefully we can do something to fix this broken system.”

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The judge is still trying to figure out what to do with Klein. Meanwhile, Case is preparing for another surgery in January.

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