LAWSUIT: Lyft driver uses homophobic slur and points gun at passengers Lyft website
Lyft website

According to a lawsuit, a Chicago Lyft driver pointed a gun at her passenger, used a homophobic slur and proceeded then to threaten them with a gun.

In a report by WGN9, on Wednesday, two men sued Lyft after their driver, Jaleesa Rance, 25, allegedly drew a gun, chased them out of their car and said, “I’ll blast you (expletive),” according to the mens’ attorney, Bryant Greening from LegalRideshare.

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The attorney said Charlie Calvin, 31, requested a Lyft ride in the early morning on September 1 and was then later paired with Rance for a ride from the city’s Boystown neighborhood according to the news outlet.

Calvin and his passenger – who asked not be identified – were leaving the club, Sidetrack, around 1:50 a.m. and were heading home, according to WGN9.

A few minutes into the ride, the driver allegedly pulled a 9mm hand gun from the center console, pointed it at Calvin and the other man, demanding they exit the vehicle according to the lawsuit.

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The two men proceeded to exit the car and then, according to the lawsuit, Rance then got out, pointed the gun at them and yelled, “I’ll blast you (expletive)” — then fled the scene.

According to the news outlet, the men called the police. The officers later found Rance in her car and arrested her, recovering a handgun with 18 rounds from her car.

Rance was charged with aggravated assault as well as unlawful use of a weapon. Calvin is seeking $50,000, according to WGN9.

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