Apple is opening a new store in Chicago and its going to be gorgeous Photo by Getty Images /Spencer Platt
Photo by Getty Images /Spencer Platt

Apple announced this week that the iPhone maker’s upcoming store along the Chicago River opens Friday, October 20th. The two-floor store will be located on North Michigan Avenue along the river’s north bank, near the historic Michigan Bridge

The space will feature glass walls and a carbon fiber roof, which had an Apple logo on it, making it look like a larger than life MacBook Air when viewed from above. But Apple has since removed its logo as of late August and it is unclear if it will be added back…

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Foster + Partners, Apple’s longtime architectural partner, designed the store and pays homage to architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prarie Style homes in Chicago. The building spans 20,000 square feet and replaces a vacant food court. Based on plans from 2015, construction has been ongoing for over a year.

There will also be a lengthy staircase that leads from street level to a walkway in front of the store and the entire building will be accessible via elevator.

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On Tuesday, Angela Ahrendts will be speaking at Apple’s first ever event at the Steve Job Theater. It was also announced that Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue store in Manhatten will reopen late next year. She said the glass cube at street level will be reinstalled and the lower level will be expanded greatly with a new design.

Ahrendts also said Apple’s retail stores collectively welcome at least 500 million visitors per year. Apple has 497 stores around the world and Chicago’s closest store is at 679 North Michigan Avenue which opened in July of 2003.

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