Charter school kept quiet about bed bugs in cafeteria, parents upset

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At a Chicago charter school, parents were rightfully unhappy after bed bugs were found in the cafeteria.

According to a report by WGN, Frazier Prep Academy’s principal of the charter school in North Lawndale, sent a letter home telling parents a bed bug was found in the cafeteria on Jan. 25.

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Tyffanni Bickhem, a parent, heard a rumor that the school had bed bugs before Christmas break, according to WGN.

“My kids were telling me, ‘They’re making us put our clothes on the outside in the hallway,’” she said to the news outlet.

Tyffanni didn’t want to spread rumors, according to WGN, so she talked with the principal.

“She assured me that there’s not a problem, nothing is going on,” she said to the news outlet.

But this past Friday, her seventh-grader son brought home the letter stating a bed bug was found in the cafeteria, according to WGN. Another employee told her two-bed bugs were additionally found in the classroom.

Understandably so, Bickhem was very concerned about the lack of communication between the principal and parents, and that the issue was not addressed sooner, according to the news outlet.

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Bickhem kept her children home for a few days, and this past Wednesday, an employee said the school had been cleaned and gave it the all-clear.

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests in the greater Chicago area and are easily transferred from one person and/or home to another, feeding on human blood.

To learn about the 7 things you should know about bed bugs, scroll on to the video below –
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