Chicago’s next pop up bar? It’s A Wonderful Life.

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Think you’ve been to all the quirky pop-up bar’s Chicago has to offer? Think again.

Just off the Oak Park Blue Line, Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn is transforming its SideBar into a recreation of Nick’s—the rough-and-tumble bar from It’s A Wonderful Life that exists in the version of Bedford Falls where George Bailey was never born.

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The pop-up will feature an antique cash register (complete with a bell that awards angels with their wings), impromptu sing-alongs to “Auld Lang Syne” and a raffle at the end of each evening, drawn from a giant wicker basket.

A group of Chicago bartenders – who collectively go by the name Roosevelt Room – has developed a menu of cocktails inspired by It’s A Wonderful Life that will be available in the pop-up.

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The creations include the “Flaming Rum Punch” ordered by guardian angel Clarence and a cocktail called “Zu-Zu’s Petals.” But don’t worry, like Nick you can always just order some “hard drinks… for men who want to get drunk fast.”

Every Wednesday, the It’s A Wonderful Life-themed pop-up bar will take over Fitzgerald’s SideBar on December (6, 13, 20, 27) beginning at 5pm each evening. And if you show up early, a jazz band will perform Christmas standards and then blast It’s A Wonderful Life in the bar from 8 to 10pm. Take my money.

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