Chicago’s most over rated neighborhood claims its crown AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

Chicagoans are always being criticized for having big egos, but when the evidence supports the claim that the Windy City is the best city, there’s no reason not to brag.

Time Out conducted a survey in late 2017 of residents from 32 cities worldwide and found that even when stacked against cities like New York, Tokyo and London, Chicago still claimed the title. With the best food, a great music scene and relatively friendly citizens, it’s no wonder Chicago wears this crown.

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Nobody is perfect however, and the city is no exception as Chicagoans don’t seem to blindly gush over every aspect of the city. According to 15,000 surveyed residents, River North is the most overrated neighborhood in Chicago, despite its seeming popularity. With a close proximity to the Magnificent Mile, great shopping opportunities, fine art museums and incredible building structures, it seems Chicagoans would love River North, but instead their turn their noses in distaste.

Following close in second place on this list is Wicker Park and, right behind, Lincoln Park. The survey revealed that many of those ‘must see’ destinations in the city may not be all they’re cracked up to be when you’ve been living in the area.

In a contradiction to being the most overrated neighborhood in the city, residents also voted River North as the third best place in the city to go to satisfy your hunger and grab a drink with some friends. Chicago is a food city so this title seems to redeem River North and it’s easy to see why it placed in the top three with  Rainforest Cafés placed alongside iconic steakhouses and Rick Bayless restaurants lining the streets.

In any case, the big headed Chicagoans boasting about their city are now backed and bragging rights for many attributes have fallen to the Windy City we all know and love.

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