Lincoln Park: Uber driver almost carjacked at gunpoint AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File
AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File

Yesterday, police started investigating after a man thought he was targeted in an attempted carjacking.

Close to noon, the 45-year-old Uber driver Samuel Wright said he had just made a flower delivery and was driving his 2016 Ford Fusion on Bissell near Armitage when a young man flagged him down, according to a WGN9 report.

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When Wright slowed down to talk to him, the suspect then pulled out a gun and approached him. Wright says at the same time the driver of a black SUV pulled out of the alley and blocked him.

He spotted another man walking down the street towards them. He believes all three were working together. Wright sped away and damaged his car in the process.

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“I’m glad I’m alright,” he said. “I hope nobody else have to go through this because this is dangerous.”

The city has seen a spike in carjackings this year with. Just earlier this month, a nearby restaurant was robbed at gunpoint

Wright, who is an Army veteran, says he was shaken but not injured. Wright also says he hopes the people involved are caught before they target someone else.

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