Racist comment written on Club Lago’s menu and Reddit claps back


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Videos by Rare

Unfortunately, racism still exists – even in a diverse, urban city like Chicago — even in 2017. This was made abundantly clear when yesterday, the long-time Italian, downtown restaurant Club Lago had racist, hate speech spewed over their outdoor menu.

Club Lago’s Facebook wasted no time calling out the offender, defending their employee as well as critiquing their grammar – and rightfully so.

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“Well, José, Chico and Manuel have been in the Lago family since childhood…so I’m honored to be a “Spic” too. Here’s what we woke up to this morning. Hate speech is alive and well even the great city of Chicago. And to Johnny Sharpie with nothing better to do last night: all apostrophes matter asshole.”

One commenter under the Facebook post said ” I have never eaten at Club Lago Restaurant but I will make it my business to eat there now! If racists hate it the automatically I LOVE IT!!!”

Another commenter asked: “How’s the chicken parm?” and Club Lago’s Facebook replied “Best in the city, baby. Don’t trust Facebook; come in and try for yourself.”

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And then the front page of the internet i.e. Reddit, came to the rescue with the following photoshopped picture and it reminded us for every person who chooses ignorance and hate, there is someone who is a decent, good human who is also skilled in graphic design:

Some Jerk Wrote Racist Graffiti on Club Lago in River North Last Night. They Responded In A Way You Can Be Proud Of. from chicago

For the win, people. And also, don’t forget to a book your next dinner at Club Lago through Open Table to show your support for all the hardworking staff that make “the best chicken parm in the city” and to fight the good fight against hate – because in the end, love will always win.

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