Chicago’s newest billionaire CEO Rishi Shah – a onetime billionaire – attempted to make a break for it when faced with served court papers, Chicago Sun Times reports.

Earlier in the month, a private detective attempted to give a summons to Shah to face a lawsuit filed in New York alleging that he misled investors – and Shah ran the other way and jumped in a Cadillac Escalade.

According to recently filed court documents, the private detective staked out Shah’s mansion in the 900 block of North Clark Street. He later caught up with Shah as he left at 10:25 a.m. on Nov. 12.

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Shah, 31, fleed when he was approached by private eye, Scott Rabin, who was hired to serve the summons.

“While Mr. Shah sat in the Escalade, I knocked on his window and again identified myself,” Rabin wrote in a court filing detailing the encounter.

“I placed the pleadings and the subpoena on the roof of the Escalade.”

As Shah’s driver pulled away with the paperwork still on the roof, Rabin followed in his own car and snapped a picture.

At a red light, and through rolled down windows, Rabin informed Shah’s driver about the papers waving around in the wind on the roof of his vehicle and “that his passenger, Mr. Shah, was served.”

Davidson Goldin, Shah’s spokesperson, reached Monday via email, said the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

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“Rishi was not aware the person banging on the door was trying to serve papers,” Goldin said.

The poster child of the startup scene now faces a lawsuit filed earlier this month by investors which includes a fund co-funded by Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker as well as units of Goldman Sachs and Google — for allegedly misleading them about the company’s sale success.

Back in June, according to Forbes, it was estimated that Shah’s net worth at $3.6 billion, although it’s unclear how his recent legal troubles has affected that number as currently, he is not on the list.

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Editor’s note: A previous version of this story indicated that Mr. Shah fled the city upon being served. Mr. Shah rather, fled the scene.  

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