Simpsons creator gifts autistic Plainfield teen best birthday surprise YouTube/AnimationOnFox (the simpsons)
YouTube/AnimationOnFox (the simpsons)

A Plainfield teen with autism received a surprise she will never forget from the Simpsons creator himself.

According to the WGN report, 16-year-old Jessica is the biggest Simpsons fan who also loves to draw.

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Mother, Lynda Liberatore, sent the Simpson’s creator, Matt Groening, a letter with some of her Simpsons’ drawings, according to the news outlet.

And Groening sent a letter back along with a poster of the entire Simpsons cast, dedicated just to Jessica for her birthday.

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Groening wrote on the top of the poster:

“This is a Simpsons poster dedicated to Jessica and don’t you forget it, man.”

Groening also drew some pictures of Bart and Lisa with messages encouraging Jessica to continue her art, according to WGN.

Creators have a history of being very generous with their time and resources, much like late Simpsons co-creator, Sam Simon. Learn more about how he gave back below – courtesy of InsiderINFO.

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