Some of our favorite Chicago Cubs funny moments and pranks

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If Cubs fans are looking for a new way to get to know the guys on the team, they can turn to YouTube for some funny moments one fan has compiled into a single video.

Posted by Windy Wrigley Highlights onMonday, the 6 minute compilation is the thirteenth segment to an ongoing series. The video captures on and off the field fun from the 2017 regular season and gives fans a new look at the players.

The video, titled Chicago Cubs Funny Moments | On & Off the Field | PART 13, features several moments from the season as well as a look at what the guys do in their free time. Included in the video are some bloopers from “Bryzzo,” featuring Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, as well as appearances by David Ross and Eddie Vedder.

“I can’t do this,” Rizzo laughs as Ross walks through the door carrying a take out bag for the boys.

Piled between a clip of Addison Russell bragging about his Pokemon collection and a game clip that won the Cubs the finals, the video is full of moments that will make fans smile. Turns out the boys aren’t just talented on the field, but off as well as fans will see when nearing the end of the video as they can catch the Cubs showing off their dance moves.

From hitting home runs to filming commercials, this fan compiled some of the great moments so far from this season that Cubs lovers will not want to miss.

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