A dedicated college golfer decided that he’d rather get wet than take a two-stroke penalty

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Here’s an inspirational video that was uploaded to ViralHog recently. It depicts an NCAA golfer named David Weeks wading through dirty, waste-high water in order to retrieve a submerged golf ball.

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The video was filmed by a score keeper, who gave some provided some context to the events taking place. According to the video’s description Weeks had “marked his ball on the green and after reading the putt, he took his ball out of his pocket, and it accidentally fell into the pond behind him. If he could find his ball he would be able to mark it and continue to play out the whole. If not, he would incur a 2-stroke penalty for completing the hole with ball he hit from the tee.”

We see Weeks pick up several submerged balls and tossing them away after realizing that none of them are his. Sadly, he’s unable to retrieve his ball and he exits the pond empty handed, puts his clothes back on and carries on with the game.

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