Stranger Things gets this Chicago location all wrong and it’s awkward

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The Upside Down isn’t the only place that’s a little messed up in the second season of “Stranger Things.” – in one episode of the hit Netflix drama – we see fan favorite SPOILER ALERT Eleven running away to Chicago where things get – well – a little upside down.

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Played by Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven gets off her bus from small-town Indiana to find a big city experience featuring unfriendly police, hurried businessmen and eventually slums where hoodlums hide in warehouses by garbage can fires.

Chicagoans on the Internet were quick to point out just one problem with the episode: Chicago’s skyline is all wrong.

“Stranger Things,” known for its nostalgic elements, takes place in 1984. The skyline the show uses could be from 2017 as the Trump International Hotel & Tower near the middle of the skyline shown here was two decades from being built.

Same goes for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower – which wasn’t finished until 2010. The Franklin Center near what’s now called Willis Tower was built in 1989, and Two Prudential Plaza opened in 1990, six years after the events depicted in the episode take place. The geography is also off as the way this scene is shot, Eleven, in theory, should be sitting in the middle of Lake Michigan. For reference, here’s what Chicago’s skyline looked like in 1984:

The view from Burnham Harbor in 1984. [University of Illinois-Chicago/William C. Brubaker]
…..someone’s getting FIRED!

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