More than 1,800 patient records of people in the Houston area were recently found near a dumpster, unsecured.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is currently notifying those it thinks may be affected by the breach. HHSC announced the breach to the public on Friday.

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Personal information like bank account numbers, social security numbers and case numbers could all be listed on the documents found on the street near an eligibility office at the East 40th Street Complex in Houston. Names, client numbers, and dates of birth were also listed.

HHSC is investigating the breach, attempting to secure confidential information and take preventative measures for the future.

They are offering one year of free credit monitoring service to people who believe they could be at risk as part of this effort. They want the public to be aware that they are committed to protecting private documents and are reviewing their procedures for disposal of patient records.

HHSC is asking anyone who believes they may have been affected to call 1-855-904-5740 toll-free and speak to an investigator or visit

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An alarming number of Houstonians’ medical records were found in a place they definitely didn’t belong AP Photo/Pat Sullivan