This Haunted Hotel In Texas Is A Unique Historical Site Photo courtesy of the Haunted Ott Hotel

If you’re a fan of haunted hotels, a historic hotel in Liberty, Texas, a city outside of Houston, holds 26 guests who haunt the property that was once a burial ground, civil war hospital and a site for Native American rituals.

The Historic Ott Hotel holds two historical markers. Owner Susan McCain collected signed affidavits from relatives and officials, cataloging the known deaths at the hotel. But with so much history packed into one parcel of land, there’s no way to measure the full toll on the site.

McCain and her husband bought the property in 2002, but she had her reservations.

“I told him I pity whoever buys that piece of sh-,” she laughs.

A former non-believer in ghost stories, McCain discounted the rumors she heard from former caretakers until she saw the proof herself.

The first group of paranormal investigators to tour the haunted hotel was the Louisiana Ghost Investigators, who agreed to stay three nights to study the old hotel as it underwent renovations to reopen.

They left after the first night.

If staying the night in haunted places give you too much fright, McCain gives tours of the ott hotel where ghostly personalities are most active; we took her up on that offer.

Susan McCain begins a tour of the Historic Ott Hotel.

There’s Lucy, who was shot in one of the hotel rooms by her ex-husband. You can sleep in her room, but you may not be sleeping alone.

Lucy’s room at the Historic Ott Hotel. She was shot here years ago, but has never left.
Vicky, a woman who stayed in this room at the Ott, took her own life during her stay.

In the next room sits the sad tale of Vicky, a woman who lost her battle with inner demons and took her own life inside the hotel. A few weeks later, her friend followed suit, hanging himself in the stairwell.

The haunted staircase where a man took his life.

Down the hotel’s long hallway, you can photograph yourself in the floor length mirror, but be careful — the mirror is rumored to be a portal. You may not know the face that stares back at you.

This mirror is rumored to be a portal. Is that an orb in the bottom of the photo?

Not only will you get to hear more about the hotel’s history on your tour, but you can also see the secret home footage and photographs McCain shares with guests.

McCain and her family now live inside the hotel, along with several tenants who rent out rooms outfitted as apartments. Paranormal activity is a common experience for the residents, and they all have a story to tell.

According to Buster, a dark spirit emerges from his closet and into his bedroom.

Resident James Brown and his wife experience regular activity, but two recent incidences stand out in their minds.

“He must not like Dr. Pepper,” resident Brown says of the ghost that sometimes haunts his apartment. His Dr. Pepper was moved or knocked over three times in one day.

Just recently, his wife had her sunglasses were pulled off her head and hurled across a room.


You can visit the hotel year-round, but call ahead to schedule your tour. You can also check out their Facebook page for public events, which are usually held in the cooler months.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on August 23, 2018.

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