Bar Bleu owner Adam Kleinbart reportedly acted succinctly in his statement to his soon-to-be-former neighbors at the Robinhood condos.

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“Karma is a b—-,” he wrote on Facebook, after disclosing he is finally shutting down his Rice Village business, following years of feuding with area residents over noise. “After seven years of torment from these sub-humans who live in this disgustingly hideous building, I can finally say ‘what comes around, goes around.”

To sum up the fued, Kleinbart sold his property to a real estate developer who is said to be planning a high-rise building, one of which will allegedly block views of the downtown Houston skyline from the complaining Robinhood residents.

The bar owner and his next-door neighbors took part in arguments for years over the noise levels from his establishment, with records showing the latter often calling the police.

Kleinbart said he sued residents in 2011 after he accused them of throwing eggs and other detritus on his patrons.

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For the bar owner, the move is sweet revenge.

But the residents said they will not miss their “neighbor from hell.”

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