A diabetic woman found a hero at a Texas Burger King when her blood sugar levels dropped

Burger King employee Tina Hardy. Image courtesy of Facebook/Rebecca Boening

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Videos by Rare

A Burger King employee in Amarillo, Texas, may have saved a diabetic woman’s life.

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According to the Houston Chronicle, 61-year-old Rebecca Boening had to pull her car off I-40 Wednesday, Dec. 6, when her heart started racing and she began to feel shaky and weak.

Knowing her blood sugar was dangerously low, Boening drove to the first restaurant she saw after getting off the interstate. She pulled up to a Burger King where Tina Hardy, who knew the warning signs of a diabetic, was working.

“Her voice was shaky and she was slurring a little. She told me that she’s diabetic,” Hardy said in an interview. “After I told her the total, I made her ice cream and ran it out to her knowing she was in desperate need of the sugar.”

Hardy’s husband is diabetic, so she was able to recognize Boening’s symptoms right away, and asked her to park near the drive-thru window until Hardy could be sure she was alright.

“When she felt better and the other customers were gone she pulled back into my window and thanked me and asked for my manager,” said Hardy. “After she spoke with my manager I went back to the window and gave her permission to take my picture. It was a pleasure helping her”

The photo has racked up 199,000 shared and 344,000 likes on Facebook since it was posted.

“If you appreciate what this special woman did please share this story. Hopefully Tina Hardy will receive the recognition that she truly deserves from the public and from the big bosses at Burger King,” Boening wrote in the caption.

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