A Houston-area McDonald’s is in the news, and it’s not about their limited-release Szechuan sauce.

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A video of a recent fight, featured above, between an employee and a pregnant customer is going viral with thousands of views on YouTube.

As shown, things seemed to escalate after a customer called an employee an obscenity.

It went downhill from there, with the employee asking for a cup for a drink, filling it up and then dumping it on the pregnant woman’s head.

The customer, with her 3-year-old child in tow, certainly responded.

With her kid off to the side, she lunged at the employee.

Another McDonald’s employee intervened, directing the women outside the north Houston establishment.

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Now, the customer, who is expecting her fifth child, says she’s pressing charges against the employee.

Houston police were reportedly not dispatched to the restaurant.

This is a developing story.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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