A woman says she was forced to pee in a cup in yet another controversial experience aboard a United Airlines flight.

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Nicole Harper was flying on the airline recently from Houston to Kansas when she attempted to use the restroom. The flight attendants told her she couldn’t go at the moment.

Harper, who says she has an overactive bladder, then asked for a cup — which she used.

Afterwards, according to her Facebook post, she was shamed by airline employees, who asked her to speak with the pilot after the plane landed.

While a local TV station says the airline told them the plane was in descent, and the seatbelt sign was illuminated, Harper’s post is hazy on some of the details.

Her post reads:

While allowing other passengers to get up and use the restroom on a seemingly uneventful flight, United Airlines crew wouldn’t allow me to get up and use the restroom until the pilot turned off the seat belt sign. After explaining that I have an overactive bladder and would either need to use the restroom or pee in a cup, I was handed a cup by flight attendants. Bad enough? No, crew then escorted me to the restroom (now it’s safe to get out of my seat), shaming me down the aisle while other passengers overlooked. The flight attendants treated me like I had committed a crime, stating they would be filing a report, calling in the hazmat team to clean the entire row (let me mention there was no mess involved) and told me I would need to talk with the pilot after the flight! I guess they would have preferred me to pee in the seat?

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United Airlines rebutted:

Customer safety is always our first priority. Initial reports from our flight attendants indicate that Ms. Harper attempted to visit the lavatory on final descent and was instructed to remain seated with the seat belt fastened per FAA regulations. The situation as described by Ms. Harper and our employees is upsetting for all involved. We have reached out to Ms. Harper and our flying partner Mesa Airlines to better understand what occurred.

No word yet on whether Harper has retained an attorney, but many commenters on wondered if she was just trying to take advantage of the current litigious climate in air travel.

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