After a few upgrades, this cell network claims it’s the fastest in Houston

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PC Mag tested the strength of all four major cellular providers in the city of Houston, and the results might surprise you.

T-Mobile won out over AT&T, Verizon and Sprint as the fastest cell network in Houston, though it only beat AT&T by a very narrow margin-it scored a 95, while AT&T scored a 91.

The reason? Equally fast download and upload speeds, according to PC Mag.

T-Mobile’s average download speed was tested at 41.8 mbps and maxed out at 126.9, while the average upload speed was 29.8 mbps with a max of 52.

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There’s a caveat, however:

AT&T may have been narrowly edged out as the best provider in Houston, but the service is arguable still the best choice for those who do a lot of traveling around Texas, offering slightly more consistent coverage in remote areas like La Grange.

That said, AT&T’s network provided better reception between Austin and Houston.

Sprint came in last place with a score of 77, though PC Mag did say Houston was one of the few cities where Sprint’s network had surprisingly fast download speeds.

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PC Mag came up with these scores by averaging things, like download and upload speeds, as well as consistency of service.

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