Developers say new ‘green’ changes planned for downtown could mean less flooding

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Recently shared maps of proposed development for Houston’s downtown show a ring-shaped road and what appears to be an island.

But, nearly 40 miles from Galveston, some may be confused in how this could benefit or apply to the Bayou City:

As part of Plan Downtown, a new loop road, known as the Green Loop by coalition of city leaders and local developers, is being proposed as a circle route around downtown to connect they city’s greenspaces, only, instead of cars, like 610 and the Beltway, the prospective loop would be designated for bikes and joggers.

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So what about the island?

Per the proposal, the unattached land space would come about as a result of digging the North Canal Channel Bypass, re-linking White Oak and Buffalo Bayous north of the downtown area.

The current construction of the bayous restricts the flow of stormwater, reportedly contributing to flooding, but, according to the Houston Chronicle, developers say their proposed bypass connecting the waterways could reduce flooding by as much as three-and-a-half-feet.

Digging this channel while still keeping the path of the main bayou would end up making an island in the area north of Commerce Street, and plans show a possible pedestrian and car avenues bridging it to the mainland.

According to, if approved, these plans would mean relocating the Metro station east of San Jacinto, eventually to be replaced by Green Loop pedestrian paths.

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For a look at all of the proposed images and plan maps, check out the announcement brochure here.

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