Governor Greg Abbott has some surprising views on Texas’ annexation AP Photo/Eric Ga
Texas state troopers hold a meeting outside the Texas Capitol prior to the inauguration for Gov.-elect Greg Abbott, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott made his views on forced annexation known in a recent editorial published by a San Antonio website.

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The article comes not long after the Texas Legislature began its 30-day special session, where Abbott would like to reconcile a number of issues on his political agenda – some of which are quite controversial.

He contends a city’s ability to annex surrounding communities without the consent of those living in the neighboring jurisdictions “legal, but very un-Texan.”

The issue of annexation reform is a regular and long-term debate, with some fearing its effects on military bases the most, saying it could result in forced closures.

Citizens near San Antonio were passionate enough about the subject to collect 2,000 signatures on a petition against annexation into the city.

Abbott paints forced annexation as an infringement on private property rights, making people from smaller cities accountable for their high taxes.

Currently, a city must give notice to a community it decides to annex, but consent isn’t required.

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Abbott used this platform to push members of the Texas legislature to enact annexation reform:

“During the special session this summer, I am directing the Legislature to enact critical reforms to restrict local government from threatening private property rights.”

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