Pet owners should be wary of the coyote attacks spreading through Houston’s suburbs Rare Media Library

People living near wooded areas in Houston are reporting attacks on their pets by coyotes.

In a Click2Houston report, one woman in Fulshear said her dog, Penny, was attacked in her backyard, even though the yard is enclosed by a fence eight feet tall. She shared the fear that struck when she opened her back door.

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“I opened the back door and a huge coyote was standing over her and has her pinned to the ground,” she said. After scaring the coyote away, she took Penny to the vet, where her injury totaled “two lacerations about an inch and a half on one side of her neck and four puncture wounds on the other side.”

Coyotes were also spotted in River Oaks and Fort Bend County, according to the report.

Some precautions you can take to avoid attracting coyotes near your home include keeping your pet’s food and water inside, securely storing your garbage in sturdy containers and keeping your pets inside or in a kennel.

If you see a coyote, making a lot of noise seems scare them off effectively. If you think coyotes are becoming a problem in your community, you can call the main Texas Wildlife Services office in San Antonio at 210-472-5451 to see who can help in your area.

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