Tacos v. Burritos – one study claims it’s settled the great debate in Houston

ELKRIDGE, MD - JUNE 19: Tacos from left to right are Al Pastor or marinated pork, lengua, barbacoa or lamb, and cueritas or pig skin. El Papi Real Street Tacos in Elkridge, MD is the next restaurant for the $20 Diner, scheduled for the June 23 issue of Weekend. The small restaurant owned by chef Jose Flores and Patricia Pineda is inside a Shell gasoline station.(Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

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Just when you thought the Tex-Mex battles were over, a new conflict is coming to the forefront of food politics: Tacos v. Burritos.

Before you – or your gut – gets too excited – or nervous – about tasting all of these Houston staples, a study settled the competition with a look at the numbers.

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Datafiniti — the company which, earlier this year, claimed Chicago to be home to more “authentic” Mexican restaurants than Houston — is back with their ‘definitive’ look at tacos and burritos.

Analyzing 100,000 menu items collected nationally, they found the split was 56 percent tacos and 44 percent burritos.

In Texas, like the nationwide trends, tacos far outsold burritos, while cities in the middle of the country and in the northwest preferred burritos.

According to the study, Houston polled 72 percent tacos against 28 percent burritos.

All six Texas cities on the list featured more tacos, with only El Paso trailing behind Houston for percentage of tacos.

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Considering the prevalence of taco trucks and lack of burrito trucks, it, perhaps, makes sense tacos would win out in the Bayou City.

But, while Houston does boast plentiful delicious taco options, it’s worth noting Datafiniti’s claim of Chicago being home to more Mexican restaurants than Houston is widely disputed in “Crunch City.”

A study conducted by ABC13 Eyewitness news suggests their data contained errors, putting Houston back on top.

How could you really even choose between tacos and burritos anyway?

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