Texas universities send big rigs full of Harvey relief and an important reminder for Houston Screenshot of Adrian B.'s video

Donations from across the state and neighboring states keep rolling into Houston — literally.

Houston got a big reminder of what it means to be a Texan when universities across the state sent their trucks rolling into the city.

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One convoy of trucks bringing in relief reminds college football fans that fall has arrived, and it’s brought the Texas favorite of football.

Putting rivalries aside, several Texas universities sent big rigs packed with supplies to Houston.

Trucks from the University of Houston, Baylor University, Texas Tech, Southern Methodist University, University of Texas, University of North Texas, and Texas State University made their way into the city together as police stopped traffic.

While the trucks were packed with goodies, people watching them drive by couldn’t help noticing the school football team’s graphics on the sides of the truck.

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Combining a spirit of generosity, determination to overcome, and football, this convoy is just what Houston needed.

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