Well-known Houston chef Chris Shepherd is in love with the Impossible Burger.

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The newfangled meat-free creation, from Impossible Foods and served in just a handful of notable restaurants across the country, is now on the menu at the chef’s Underbelly and Hay Merchant restaurants.

At first bite, Shepherd knew he wanted to serve the innovative sandwich because he had never quite tasted anything like it.

“It looks and tastes like a [expletive] burger,” he told the Houston Chronicle.

Made from wheat, coconut oil and potatoes, the burger is “meaty” thanks to its properties of heme, an iron-containing molecule found in plants. Heme also happens to be naturally abundant in red meat.

Impossible Foods’ reps say the burger looks like ground beef, sears like a meat patty and even oozes juice.

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And the burger is so good, interestingly, that its makers are not targeting vegetarians for its audience.

“There are billions of people who love meat and are never going to stop loving meat,” said Impossible Food CEO Patrick O. Brown. “Is there some way we can satisfy that hunger without compromising and without he environmental impacts to the system?”

This Houston burger is meat-free, but tastes like the real thing (AP Photo/J.M. Hirsch)
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